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…gifted, called, humble, fruitful, word-filled worshipers. Spirit-empowered encouragement through songs that rightly glorify Jesus Christ as He has been revealed in the Bible. Songwriting that freshly expresses the breathtaking beauty of gospel-truth. I gladly commend their ministry unreservedly!
— Dan Holst - Bethlehem Baptist Church Worship Leader

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A travel-sized musical family 

pursuing whole-life worship



Your ministry simply, but powerfully, has reminded me of the importance for me to soak up the WORD! Your songs and videos have been super encouraging to me
— Morgan Schoenacker
I am thankful to share your music with others, because I know it is real, transparent, encouraging, Biblical and theological.
— Brian Pickerel
It has been an encouragement to me personally, my family, and many of my friends. The Scriptural nature of the songs enhances my personal relationship with God and reminds me of the truth of Scripture
— Matt Warren
We really enjoyed having you in our home and being able to share your music with our friends. It was a very special evening and it enabled us to witness to some people that would not be open to it through other resources
— Jane St. John
When God called me into children’s ministry, I got really worries about following God in our crazy world...but then I heard Not Our Home, and it reminded me that this crazy, corrupt, world isn’t our home. Super encouraging
— Katie Dewit



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You’re Not Through With Me Yet

This 4 week set of video devotions is rooted in Philippians 1:6 and explores the scriptures behind our newest song “You’re Not Through With Me Yet.”

Now, this is just a guess - but I’m guess that if you’re here than that means that you are feeling like a work in progress. The truth is that we are all a work in progress - but there are times when we really feel this truth - and that can feel scary. I can get fearful when I’m confronted with my own failures and especially when I start to wonder if I’m strong enough to overcome them. It’s scary to feel weak and inadequate. And yet, that’s exactly where God tends to meet us in order to show off His great strength on our behalf. 

I’m hoping and praying that, by the end of this collection of devotions, you are so awed by the mighty strength and faithfulness of God that it just produces all kinds of peace, confidence, and joy in your life as we lean into who God says He is and what He says He is up to in our lives.

Now, as I’m sure you know, we love music, and we believe that songs are powerful, but we also believe that the real-life changing power comes from the incredible gift of God’s Word to us. 

God’s Word contains the words that are changing us, shaping us, and informing the music we create. This collection of devotion is just a chance for us to go deeper with you into the real power source and inspiration behind the songs that we write. So we are excited to jump deeper into His Word together with you