…gifted, called, humble, fruitful, word-filled worshipers. Spirit-empowered encouragement through songs that rightly glorify Jesus Christ as He has been revealed in the Bible. Songwriting that freshly expresses the breathtaking beauty of gospel-truth. I gladly commend their ministry unreservedly!
— Dan Holst: Worship Leader at Bethlehem Baptist Church

Songs & Worship for your event…


Churches & Special Events

Are you looking for dynamic worship for your Sunday morning service, school chapel, or conference event? Maybe you’d like to bring the Word in Worship in for a concert event?


Home Concerts

Want to share The Word in Worship with your friends, small group, or Bible study? Jonathan & Emily currently sing in homes across the country for free!



An unforgettable moment crafted specifically for your special day. Jonathan & Emily love singing at weddings across the country.